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Rachael Bueckert

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Thank You!

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SSR Designs

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2 is my absolute favorite and then 3 and 4.

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Rated Z

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1A:  Make fight towards you.  Hand claws at floor.  More pull at bra and some skin.

2A:  Pose her more so it looks like she's sitting natural.  Shorten the chain so it hangs in space with no obvious attachment.

1B:  Great light.  Excellent depth of field.

2B:  Good shot for a fashion ad.

3B:  Flat.

4B:  No contrast.  Make the shot more intimate.  Head tilted more left.  Eyes at you.

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Rachael Bueckert

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Red Deer, Alberta, Canada


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LittleWhiteRabbit Photo

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You, my dear, are a stunning model!

1a) Shows off your gorgeous figure to a T.  My qualm is more w/how the photographer lit the photo - I think w/more play with light and dark it would have been amazing...right now I'm distracted by all the dust and scratches on the floor and there is glare on the carved part of the chair - if you can get a black and white conversion w/some vignetting around the edges it would be best. Also it needs to be cropped more narrow.

2a) Kind of awkward and I'm not fond of how the photographer lit it - probably the weakest of the bunch

1b) Love it - would be better w/a tighter crop

2b) LOVE! Fabulous!

3b-4b) Very nice - photog should probably do a bit of retouching on under eye area...3b could use a bit more contrast as it's backlit which kind of washes out stuff.

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