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Valentina Benjamin

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Austin, Texas, US

Hey guys, I'm relatively new to modeling scene and I am eager to know what I can do to improve! I would love to hear some feedback, tips or whatever you have to offer! I like to push myself to try harder! Your critique would help alot in building my portfolio! smile

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Lorayne York

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Topeka, Kansas, US

after looking through your portfolio the main thing i see is poor photography and strained themes.
a lot of your wardrobe doesnt fit the location, and makes the photo look weird.

i would also work on your expressions, through your face and your body. any girl can stick her ass out and pretend to be "sexy", but to model... it doesnt always mean be obvious about it.

i would make this your avatar:

and work with better photographers who have a clear picture on what they want to capture.. not a photographer who says "just bring some sexy clothes... and we'll see what happens". cause i know that's what guys who want to take pictures of pretty girls say.

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New York, New York, US

In looking through your work, there are a lot of odd poses/faces which show in the fact that you mention you are a new model. One way around this is to work with better photographers that can help direct you on how to pose initially to get better shots. Another way around this is to shoot shoot shoot and hope that you get good shots (I would suggest the better photographers route though).  But honestly it all just seems like snap shots to me and then I am witnessing something from a horror film in your other work. As someone mentioned above, try working with people that will properly style and arrange shoots too vs. just picking a random wardrobe off the shelf (or worse that the new photographer may have picked and doesn't know what they are doing either...) and placing it into what may seem like a scenic location but has no artistic or meaningful purpose for a theme. Not every shoot has to have a theme, but for example wardrobe colors should compliment makeup, set..etc..etc..etc..   Look for photographers that will push you to be better as you go. Sometimes this may involve hiring a few of the really good ones to get a solid body of work (depending on how far you want to go with your modeling) to draw interest from others that are in that realm. also check out

Good luck!

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Brandy Selene

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Williston, North Dakota, US

Would appericiate everyone's opinions and advice. wink

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Los Angeles, California, US

Brandy Selene wrote:
Would appericiate everyone's opinions and advice. wink

Not about you here..please start your own Critique. Thanks

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Peach Jones

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Champaign, Illinois, US

Your photos are not playing to your strengths. Right now the just look like cheap amature photos.

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, US
The idea of a pose in a models portfolio is to show them off in the best possible way.
However in this image your legs are squished, better to show them as long, lean  and sexy
Both arms are kind of straight, try bending them at the elbows
The model is the subject of the photo, so the sky at top is wasted space since there is no model up there
A top that hangs over at the stomach is not as flattering as it should be
When going over your photos to use in your portfolio watch out for background distractions, as in the image you have a tree branch running through your head
As a model you actually come across quite well in this image, only tip would be to raise chin, move models right elbow out to side more so shape of mid section can be clearly seen
[Its all in the details, the bottom of the can to photo left of your knees should not be there]

Wish you well

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