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emma 90

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Antrim, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

I have started getting back into modelling this year id like everyones thoughts on my old work and also my new..i want to hear some constructive criticism to push me in the right direction when it comes to bettering by preformance

Emma x

Nov 12 12 02:52 pm Link


The Gross Bite

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I suppose your 'new' work is the images with less than about 100 views, and your 'old' work is those images with over about 100 views. Sorry, I ain't gonna go looking at posted dates to sort them out.

Looks pretty much the same to me, the exception being the first image in your portfolio. It's interesting in a general pin up way. Is it a WOW! Nope... but it ain't bad either.

I'm of the opinion that model's should learn as many different genres as possible if they want steady work (and pay...). So practice up on pin up poses... Look at Gil Elvgren and other pin up artists work for samples of poses. Most modern illustrators are doing warrior hero stuff so classic pinup is left to photographers for the most part.

Just my opinion.

Nov 12 12 06:47 pm Link