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I have been experience with make up for a weeks now and I love it. I am going to an event this weekend, along with doing a photo shoot and I could use some advice.

Is it always best to use darker shades on my skin tone for eyeshadow? (Such as purples, lavenders, earthy greens)

For lips, I wanted to try the Nude color, so does that mean I would have to use the lip concealer?

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Hello! As any skin color in my opinion, the more color you want on your eyes, then you should go for the "darker" colors. But if you want a more natural look, stick to a color that looks similar to your skin tone.
As for lips, I would recommend not using concealer as the main lip color because most of the time it makes you look "washed-up", maybe use the concealer to mute the original color of your lips and add a bit of color to the lips (peach, pink) to make it a little more colorful (still nude).

Hope this helps smile Good luck!

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