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The tips of my hair are very frizzy/damaged, I don't want to cut it until i try some good products so does anyone have any suggestions?
Thank you for your time.  (:

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Lauren Reynolds Makeup

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You can't repair damaged hair like this, only improve it's appearance temporarily, so I would reccomend getting it cut, especially if the ends are split because they can travel up the hair. You can try silicone serums to smooth the ends artificially until then.

Maybe a hairdresser will reply with some other suggestions! smile

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Hey there!

First off, I need to tell you that if your hair is really damaged it's going to take a while to fix your hair, a few months probably.  Also, if you don't want to cut it, you're going to have to baby it for a while and invest in some treatments and products.

Repair: My advise it to go to a Paul Mitchell salon or school and get an "Awapuhi Treatment".  This stuff actually rebuilds your hair, it's not a one time fix, but you will notice an immense rise in the quality of your hair after one use.  If you really want to invest money, I head the brand Kerastase has really amazing conditioning treatments but they are expensive.

Home Repair: Alongside with the awapuhi treatments I highly reccomend getting the awapuhi keratin treatment that you should apply to your hair once a week.  Also, with all that protein is your hair is parched and would benefit from the Paul Mitchell Moisture line (shampoo/conditioner).

If you take my advise I guarantee you your hair will look and feel better, I genuinly thought my hair is beyond repair but after 3 long months (and investing in product), I can genuinely say my hair has made a complete 180.

I am a student at a Paul Mitchell school so I only know that product line, but if you can't afford quality product look for something with moisture and protein.  (Just make sure not to over do it on the protein or your hair will actually be TOO strong and break off

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Natasha Commanda

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Kerastase treatment. period.

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rick lesser

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You could have a keratin treatment.  I worked as an educator for a keratin company in Boca.  So I say this with experience.  Also I have said this for years.  Old fashion mayonnaise.  Take a small amount of mayo with some soy sauce apply it to dirty dry hair.  Take a plastic bag place it on your head and build up some heat with a blow dryer.  Let it stay as long as you can.  Apply shampoo directly over the mixture.  You will not get a lather but it will combine with the mayo and make it easier to rinse out.  Then two shampoo's and a moisturizing conditioner.  Do this once a week.  Don't over shampoo your hair and stop blowing it dry.  It will take a few months but it will be worth it.  R-

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Danielle Blazer

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I second the Kerastase and PM awapuhi recommends, and I don't work for either company. I am platinum at the moment. I use the PM awapuhi daily conditioner, alternating with Kerastase Masquintense. Lovely.

I also avoid heat tools and wash 1-2 times a week, but condition daily.

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Bombshell Hair Makeup

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The most obvious is to cut. But also Morcoccan Oil is an AMAZING product line. The deep conditioner, & as odd as it sounds glimmer shine work wonders for damaged hair. There is also a brand called GRUND that has a protein reconstructive spray, and a 'mask' called tiger mask. To rebuild your damaged hair it needs protein and it needs moisture. If you use just protein, your hair will feel like straw and if you use just moisture it will temporarily fix it.

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