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SteamGirl Images

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Jay2G Photography wrote: … YHyn53AeOk

Didn't even turn off the "beep" shooting feature.  What a rookie move.

Seriously though, to answer your question, NO, I would not do that to my D700.  But I did like the shots they got, so I don't mind them doing it to THEIR DSLR. :p

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if i could afford to....sure, wouldn't you?

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DG at studio47

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according to this review []--that camera is "weather sealed " against dust and splashing, but not immersion. In the video, the photographer states that you would need to use a waterproof lens. Whether or not I would do that shoot with that camera would depend on what the manufacturer defined as "splashing". Because the video seemed to be a successful test on that occasion would not convince me. I would feel better if I got caught in the rain during a shoot, but I would NEVER intentionally place a camera in water, regardless. Doesn't really make sense to me.

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Depends how much Im getting paid

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R Michael Walker

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A couple years back when PMA was still in Vegas Oly had a photographer shooting with studio strobes on a runway and they set off a sprinkler and the camera kept shooting. It was quite a downpour.

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Ralph Easy

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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

All the time.

Because this is my camera when I am at the waterfall:
(it has an equivalent of 28mm wide angle zoom unlike other compacts that could only go to 35mm)
...and it's now on sale for less than $200!! borat


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No! sad

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Images by MR

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What a remarkable location.... and yes I'd do that with my D7000 smile

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TA Craft Photography

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I know when I have been shooting sports on location and the skys openned my gear has got this wet. I remmber once even having to stop to pour water out of the lens hood.


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Art Silva

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It's a lot cheaper if they buy a GoPro, those dummies  tongue

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Michael Broughton

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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

not without a decent rain cover.

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Backstreet Photography

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Salem, Oregon, US

I tend to treat my camera gear the way i would treat a lady: with respect/dignity.  For the correct amount of money, i'd baptize my camera though, and then buy the D4 Nikon ~~~ m'

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Good Egg Productions

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Art Silva Photography wrote:
It's a lot cheaper if they buy a GoPro, those dummies  tongue

Agreed. And with a Hero3, they could have filmed in 120fps and it would have been far more interesting.

Stupid to risk a $2000 rig when they could have used a $400 camera that is build to withstand the environment.

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It's about time Olympus started showing their waterproof cameras in action... it's just a few years too late.

About 7 or 8 years ago Olympus would demonstrate their waterproof DSLR (e3) at trade shows by shooting runway fashion llamas while pouring water all over the camera.  As a matter of fact, some of the water splashed on the guys stage microphone and shorted it out so we couldn't hear him speaking, but the camera kept on going.

Then they'd say "How do you clean an E3?  Just wash it off" again pouring water all over it.

If Olympus would have done similar demonstrations on TV and print ads, I have no doubt they'd still be a major contender in the DSLR market today, but their marketing sucks so very few consumers ever knew about it's ruggedness and waterproof build.

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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

i've been caught in some torrential rain on two occasions with the 5d and 70-200L, the first time especially  it probably copped as much as that waterfall was dishing out, it never missed a beat

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Thomas Sellberg

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Bloomington, Illinois, US

I got caught in the rain about a month ago with my T1i. I was shooting at a nature preserve and was a 2 miles or so from the car. Not much I could do but walk and shoot my way out. The thing still works great, I haven't had a problem with it since I got it 3 years ago. +25000 images and running strong.

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sunn fotography

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Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China

if im rich enough to buy couple more 1dxs and L lenses . i dun mind doing that!

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Lee Nutter

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Phnom Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

I have a 5D2 with L lenses, but have heard too many horror stories about the substandard weather sealing, so when I have to shoot in the rain (like I did the other day) I use my 40D (with L lens)

BUT, this is one of the reasons why I want an OM-D as a second camera. As well as the articulating screen and the size and weight (for travel).

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Would I do this with my camera?  No

Someone else's?  Sure why not.

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Sure, why not?

If your gear's sealed enough to take it.  I've had my D300s and 70-200mm f/2.8VR & 300mm f/4 AF-S out in pretty decent rain before now and it's never been a problem.  I've even fallen in a river with my D100 and it got a damn good splashing (although not submerged).

There's plenty of videos out there of the D7000 taking a lot more water than that too.

The only issue would be finding a monopod that could take that much weight dangling off the end of it (law of leverage n' all that).

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Kaouthia wrote:
If your gear's sealed enough to take it.

Keyword in that statement is "IF". wink

My older 1D mark ii is "supposed" to be weather sealed.  I still have dust under the lcd display though.

I'll dunk your camera when ever you need it, and I'll keep mine in the bag..


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PhillipM wrote:
Keyword in that statement is "IF". wink


To do it with equipment that's about as watertight as a colander is just dumb. smile

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Jay2G Photography

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I own an OMD and did a photowalk in the rain about a month back. While standing in a group with my E-M5 hanging around my neck I noticed people looking at my camera getting soaked. Finally one woman to my left says " Aren't you worried about your camera getting ruined?"  I replied " Nope, it's weather sealed"  She then said " so is mine but I baby it"  and she pulled open her coat to show me a 7D  I just smiled and said. " well I've put my Olympus gear through some nasty stuff and the weather sealing has never failed. So I trust it."

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GM Photography

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I've had my e-3 out in some pretty heavy rain with no issues, if a shoot called for me standing in a waterfall, I wouldn't have any concerns about doing it (at least as far as my gear goes).

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Think I got lucky that day.

Got the 60D out of the way right before getting soaked.

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