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Question: As a makeup artist if you know how to style hair and you want to provide this to your brides or clients do you need a cosmetology license? I'm talking no washing, no chemicals, simply styling the hair like for photoshoots and stuff. If I open a studio and provide this service would that be an issue and I'm talking NC/GA location for state regs and stuff. I really cant find anything on Hair Design only. TIA smile

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Jaime Criel Makeup

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I don't know the exact laws regarding this in your area, but it is my understanding that as long as you are not using any type of chemicals (hair color, perm, keratin, etc, etc) or cutting you do not need a license just to STYLE hair.

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Angel Graves

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It is also my understanding that as long as you are not permanently altering the hair in some manner you do not need a cosmetologist license. However you will want to speak to your cosmetology board of the state in question and be sure you don't need some sort business certifications for sanitation etc and be sure you are in line with Sec. Of State protocols that may apply to you.

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