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Which image should I put in my port?

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BethanyKay wrote:
Which image should I put in my port?

You did very well, although the cigarette holder appears to be held at the wrong end?  I think, in general the lighting was a little too soft,  but that is a matter of taste.  It would be great if this could also have been shot with medium or large format film.

I love the classics.

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amy beth cook

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Either 7 or 10...they're beautiful! (despite the cigarette holder facing the wrong way on pic 5/7... :p) x

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I woulda said 5th down but.....perhaps your shooter can switch the ends of the cig holder in photoshop?

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This one.

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FlirtynFun Photography

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Sarah_ wrote:
This one.

I'd agree with this. OP, you're a beautiful woman. One thing really stands out to me and this could be fixed via PS or lighting...your cheeks are much more pronounced than Audrey Hepburn's. I like the look and feel of the images, so if the intent was to match her look in this movie as closely as possible, the above would fix that. If the intent was to mimic the style using a different model, you did a fantastic job.

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Number 1

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DEFINITELY agree with the 1st B&W shot. You have to be careful with styling this kind of shoot - simplicity goes a long way. That Breakfast at Tiffany's "look" is classic. Just a simple set of pearls would've been more than have a VERY strong face - with great expression in your eyes. The amount of jewelry you're wearing (and then the thin boa) starts to make it look borderline "cheap" or "gaudy"...more like Breakfast in Atlantic City. The B&W is just a clean honest shot..and definitely shows you in an elegant (and even playful) way.

(Just my random opinion..haha)

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Sergei Rodionov

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2nd from the top.

It will not be AH inspired, but it is best shot of them all so far.

I am sorry but they all  are very wrong on lighting to be period pieces, so its basically becomes a selection of "what looks ok in general sense".

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Bettie Buxom

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I like this one best smile

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i agree on the one above

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