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I really want to join a reputable fashion agency here in London which is a long shot, though I know I'll never be with a good one as I'm only 5'7 which just makes the minimum standards. I'm not naive, and I'm not one of those girls who don't fit the height requirements and pioneer to change the fashion world or whatever (as I do just scrape it), though I realise I am a shorty.

My measurements are 32-27-35 at the moment which are quite a bit off. Would it be worth slimming down to agency standards and doing a load of testing? or do you think that I realistically don't have much of a chance, and should stick with freelancing. or possible commercial? though my heart lies with fashion. I find it incredibly hard to look at myself objectively, and friends/family obviously say what they want you to hear. Would love some advice smile


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Shirley Zhong

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You already answered yourself when you mentioned you really want to join one. Why don't you make an appointment with the agency to see the booker and if they'd like you? You don't suffer any losses meeting bookers, and you get the exact answer you need to know.

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Garry k

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personally i dont see it but you are pretty

I am no expert though and could be wrong

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Avalon Fell

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If you don't try the answer will be no

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angel emily

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Hardly anyone can answer this but an agency in your area.

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Thanks guys, I'm just worried about going to see a booker right now, as I'm pretty sure I'd get a straight rejection with my current stats/portfolio

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