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I want to be a fashion photographer. Currently I work full time in an office, and all time outside of that is spent doing photography like a crazy person. I'm trying to get to that breaking point but feel as if I have hit a plateau. Any advice would be really helpful!

I can give you honest, constructive feedback too, though I'm no expert smile

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Stephanie Yakir

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Hello! I don't know too much about the photography end of all of this, but if you'd like to be a fashion photographer your port should probably focus on fashion rather than the artsy vibe your port gives off. The picture look interesting and well done no doubt, but other than the first picture and the wedding dress I can't really remember what anyone is wearing. I guess what I am trying to say is, its a different beast when you take the focus away from the model and to the clothing.

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The Gross Bite

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All but one of your posted images is landscape orientation... People are usually vertical... they fit better in portrait orientation.

Ever wonder why magazines are taller than wide? They could be wider than tall with no problem.

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Images by MR

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MeganJeanne wrote:
I want to be a fashion photographer.

Than shoot more stuff like this.. maybe keeping in mind the rule of thirds

And nothing like this

Just my thoughts ~ MR

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Fotografica Gregor

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Right now you have two images that are recognizable as fashion shots: … 06a3_m.jpg

and … 09e3_m.jpg

perhaps the latter especially

My best suggestions are -

work with fashion models wearing fashion

read read read read read  fashion magazines -  study the fashion stories -  find those that really speak to you and dissect them - what is going on in these images?  models - moods - posing - light - perspectives - story

check out agency websites and study their editorial and commercial fashion work - when you can make your work look like theirs you've taken a step forward

by the way - there is much in the way of very interesting fashion work in indie zines of the sort that are printed on demand through magcloud and issu etc.

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Thank you everyone for your great feedback! I really appreciate it!

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