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LC Makeup and Styling

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Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Can anyone recommend really good and reasonably priced makeup brushes?  I hate that some are SO OVERLY expensive!

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Makeup Artist

Marina Pi Portrait

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Yes, I definitely can and being in retail for Mac, Gorgeous Cosmetics I know the quality and prices. Recently, I stumbled upon VAU beauty Australia and ordereded a sample brush roll and can tell you it is amazing. I would disregards the price on their website and would either call them or get there brushes through eBay. Quite cheap and youmwill love these 30 pc/brushe roll for the fraction of the price. smile

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Alicia Hansen Photo

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Durango, Colorado, US

Ecotools are one of my favorites, especially for the price.

I also really like Emani Minerals brushes, PürMinerals brushes, and Clinique brushes, but each are a wee bit more expensive.

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Makeup Artist

LC Makeup and Styling

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Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Thanks so much :-)

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Wardrobe Stylist

Castorena stylist

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San Diego, California, US

I just got some Real Techniques brushes, they're pretty nice and decently priced smile

Nov 17 12 08:40 pm Link

Makeup Artist

Dorota MUA

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Leeds, England, United Kingdom

good affordable brushes:
W7 from great for start. available small local drug-stores, synthetic but absolutely fab quality aprox 1 pound for each brush, 3,50 pound powder brush.
No7 from Boots aprox 5-7 pound.
absolutely fabulous quality & good price for the SEPHORA own brand brushes, they got 3 different price it's really big choice.
Real Techniques.
Have look for Royal & Langnickel - excellent variety of brushes, different ranges, fab quality - prices starts from 1.50 pound.

Other also great brands but more expensive:
MAC, INGLOT, LAURA MARCIER, and best is SIGMA (however set of sigma brushes in tube could be even cheaper than MAC or INGLOT, and have much better quality) - however to get 'must have set' you have to prepare your wallet for huge bill...

*of course - I am not sure that all this brand are in Australia - but I hope this will helps you somehow tongue smile

Nov 18 12 03:37 am Link

Makeup Artist

Vanita MUA

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Seattle, Washington, US

Hakuhodo and MAC are my favorites.

Nov 30 12 12:21 pm Link

Makeup Artist

Amie Flanagan MUA

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Whitehaven, England, United Kingdom

Castorena  stylist wrote:
I just got some Real Techniques brushes, they're pretty nice and decently priced smile

me tooo i love them! smile

Dec 01 12 05:43 pm Link

Makeup Artist

LC Makeup and Styling

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Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Amie Flanagan MUA wrote:

me tooo i love them! smile

Thanks! I just heard about them a few days ago and read all the great reviews. Im very impressed with the price too.  Think they will be my next purchase :-)

Dec 02 12 05:22 pm Link

Makeup Artist

Linda the makeup artist

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Prague, Prague, Czech Republic

I echo Real Techniques, love them. I would also like to recommend DaVinci brushes. Though I personally find their bigger ones quite scratchy, most people don't and love them dearly (I have very sensitive skin). Especially for the price they are very good.

I also like OCC brushes (synthetic) and have heard good things about Cozette. smile

Dec 04 12 08:28 am Link

Clothing Designer

Wilde Hunt Corsetry

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Columbus, Ohio, US

Just bought this Italian badger hair set here -
I am really impressed with the quality for the cost.
I paid $48 but it's on sale for $29. Awesome deal! I'm thinking of buying another set for personal use.

Dec 04 12 08:55 am Link

Makeup Artist

Cynna Stylz MUA

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New York, New York, US

list of my favorites.

MAC 150 -  Large powder brush
MAC 138 -  Tapered face brush

Sonia Kashuk brushes - (dark curvy handle) blusher brush, flat top brush, domed multi- purpose brush, small multi-purpose brush, shader brush.

Sigma Brushes - New Synthetic Essential Kit 10 Brushes / F05 - Small Contour / F35 - Tapered Highlighter / Travel Kit - Mrs. Bunny

E.L.F. - Kabuki brush ( so soft)

Real Techniques - Powder Brush / Core Collection set/ Expert Face Brush / Setting Brush

bdellium tools - 12pc Maestro Series ( 2 sets less than $100 at IMATs 2012 NYC)

Japonesque - HD Dual Sided Brush #130

Eco Tools -Recycled Aluminum Retractable Kabuki Brush/ Bamboo Smudge Eyeliner Brush / Buffing Brush / Bamboo Bronzer Brush / 4 piece [eye] Cosmetic Set

Coastal Scents - Classic Buffer Large Synthetic / Pro Blending Fluff / Classic Pointed Precision Synthetic / Classic Detail Mini Natural/ Classic Shadow Small Synthetic / Classic Shadow Medium Synthetic / Classic Blender Pointed Natural/ Classic Angled Liner Natural/

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