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Hitchin, England, United Kingdom

Hi guys tell me what you think ! X x

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Nate Miller

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Warrensburg, Missouri, US

Nice port for a new model.  I certainly like your look!  Quite lovely.  I don't think you will have any trouble attracting photographers and work in your area.

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_ Robyn Elizabeth _

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London, England, United Kingdom


I agree with Nate above.  You should have no trouble getting people to work with you.

I thought I'd comment as I'm also in Hitchin so thought it was worth saying Hi and good luck.  If you want to chat any time just drop me a message (although I'm not sure what advice I could give)

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Trevor Martin

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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

You have a great figure but need to learn how to pose it.
You should ditch all but these two images and you will be taken more seriously.

I'm sure that with your looks and figure that plenty of GWC's will want to snap you up (Pun intended).

Considering that the other images in your portfolio appear self taken, you have not done a bad job. The main thing notice with them is that your expression is the same in all shots and your body poses are naive and unflattering.

Keep just the two pics above and hit up some good professional photographers to help you build a portfolio. You're only a train ride away from plenty of good photographers.

In case you feel I am being harsh, this is just constructive feedback to help you get on track quicker.
Avoid the GWC's (Guys with cameras) unless you can make a few pounds (Without having to take your kit off) to pay for a great portfolio from a professional.
Oh, and get some guidance on good photographic makeup.

If it make you feel any better, I think that you are extremely cute.

Good luck!

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Richard Majerski

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East Hartford, Connecticut, US

Nice look and figure.You have potential.Need some pro shot stuff obviously.Best of luck.

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