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Drew Smith Photography

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This is one of my pet peeves! sad

As you can see I credit everybody involved. On occasion I may mis a credit because I know that model is credited elsewhere in my port.

I often see UK photographer's ports without model credits. I'd love to shoot with some of these models and it frustrates me that I don't have any easy way of contacting them.

Recently I sent a PM to one such photog and asked him if he could tell me who 'such and such' a model was in his port because he hadn't credited any of them.

He wouldn't tell me - his excuse was that once a model he'd credited was booked by another photog after seeing her in his port and she had a 'bad' experience with him. So now he doesn't credit any of them.

LOL roll

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Erik Ballew wrote:
I always do, but I find that I also hardly get credit from the model, witch I'd love to get, since the models get all the views...


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Herman Surkis

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I only credit people who have profiles on mm.

Hardly any of my models come from mm anymore.

Thats why some of my shots wont have a credit for the model.

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Chesterfield Hector

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I shoot models from all over the world so I don't credit if they aren't from modelmayhem.

Also If I have paid a makeup artist then I don't credit them

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