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This is a question for stylists or models in New York City:

Between 6th-5th Ave and 25th-32nd Streets, there's a whole bunch of jewelry/accessory/clothing shops that have great looking merchandise, but they won't sell to people off the street. They will only sell to businesses with wholesale buyers licenses.

I want to get a few pieces of jewelry and accessories that are inexpensive but photograph well.

1. How can regular people buy this merchandise? Do we have to find a broker? Do we have to find a stylist with a wholesale license to buy them for us? Can you just pay these merchants extra?

2. Are these merchandise good quality or cheap knockoffs?

3. Are these merchandise expensive? I see a lot of $100 minimum sales limits but no price tags on the items.

4. DO you have any recommendations for good wholesale jewelry/accessory shops here?

Thanks in advance...
Photo from Time Out New York.

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Try Earring Plaza which is located at 1263 Broadway Ste 30 (between 31st St & 32nd St) New York, NY 10001. There are only minimums if you're looking to buy wholesale quantities which I assume you're not. Anyone can shop there and the quality is decent. As a bonus the prices are clearly marked, it's bi-level and the staff is super helpful. Head in there with an open mind and realize the quality will be on par with places like Claires or Forever 21 (it'll photograph well but it's not high end).

Additionally you may also want to check out Girl Props which has super reasonable prices on trendy looking pieces.

The jewelry in these shots all came from Earring Plaza:

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