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J Jessica

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Coconut Creek, Florida, US

I thought Penelope (bunny) was cute here, but the background i'm if-y about:

And this:
^This is kinda funny

I was thinking of getting a bigger port, as well.

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Hunter GWPB

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King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, US

It is better for you to be holding the rabbit than just the rabbit.
All of the proposed ones are better than the bathing suit in the tub.  And the one above it.  The best pictures you have belong in your port.  Not the ones with the most views or comments or lists.  I say yes.  Swap these in and some others out.

Nov 27 12 08:41 pm Link


255 West

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New York, New York, US

No bunny shot and no American flag shot.
Also, the biggest single mistake photographers or models make is to include way WAY too many photos in their portfolio.

You never want to make the viewer feel tired of looking, even if they're great shots, it gets tedious.

It shows that you don't know how to edit your photos down to the best, so you appear to be throwing everything into it, including the kitchen sink.

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I like the shot with sunglasses.

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Affinity Finch

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Torpoint, England, United Kingdom

I like the shot with sunglasses.

Mee too that one for definate! smile

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