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eskimo anthems

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Greensboro, North Carolina, US

I'm looking for advice on how to make my pictures go from decent to WoW. If you would please critique my work in give me any advice that you can.

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, US
Composition, good place to start your work on
[Do not center the subjects]
[Looks like a giant black hole behind the subjects]
[Assuming this is a couples shoot, why are they not looking at each other]

Areas to think about, lighting, posing, composition

Make sure the eyes are in focus

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Garry k

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

first of all - what are you aiming to shoot

portraits , flowers , kids , large women on the beach ....?

you need to focus

your port is a mish mash

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shooter 88

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Houston, Texas, US

Garry k wrote:
first of all - what are you aiming to shoot

portraits , flowers , kids , large women on the beach ....?

you need to focus

your port is a mish mash


You have to know what you want, take a basic foto class, take a fotoshop class, practice, practice, practice, & paid HOT model.

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The English Patient

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Paris, Île-de-France, France

If this is for the couple, then get closer.  Also, go portrait rather than landscape.  They are the real subject, so the other stuff isn't that helpful. Their expressions don't look entirely comfortable.  Make sure the subject is at ease.  That may require taking the same picture several times and picking the one with the best expressions, and of course, joking around with them and telling them how good they look.  The background of people pictures is often better kept out of focus by using a large aperture (1.4 - 2.0 or so), which means you'll need to be fairly close.

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Jay Lee Studios

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Before you read my critique please ask yourself these questions.

1. What kind of photographer to I want to be?
2. What is my niche?
3. What are my goals as a photographer?

You have a lot of work to do. Composition and lighting are 2 major parts of photography and you need to learn both. Is photography school in order? I don't think schools are worth the dirt they are built on for photography.  Many of the greatest photographers never went to school. What you need to learn is the exposure triangle as well as composition and lighting.

Turning a plain boring photo into a black and white photo does not make it interesting. It makes it a boring black and white photo.

Proper lighting will make the difference between what a DSLR can do and what a point and shoot image looks like.

Find a mentor and keep grinding and learning!

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