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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, US

1. Steam Punk
2. Zombie
3. Candy Skull
4. Alice in Wonderland
5. SNL

What say you?

(Sorry if I put this into the wrong category. It was not intentional. ^_^ )

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Oak Harbor, Washington, US

1) Macro Underwater in Tonga
2) Swim Suit Edition in the Seychelles
3) Earth from Space

Nov 27 12 05:00 pm Link


Cynthia Serrano

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Irvington, New Jersey, US

1. Horror themed shoot
2. 50 foot woman
3. Woodstock themed shoot
4. Rock star impersonator shoot

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Detroit, Michigan, US

Nude in an art museum on a platform or pedestal as a work of art, with a large crowd of people as onlookers

Modeling nude in a studio or gallery for a group of artists who are also nude

Multiple llama shoot 5, 10, 20 nudes in a very recognizable place

Nov 29 12 06:57 am Link


Alixx Rose

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Atlanta, Georgia, US

rope suspension
anything with a steampunk stylist/designer
couples bodypaint shoot with my boyfriend depicting the chakras
full bodypaint at the aquarium incorporating my jellyfish tattoo into a mural of the ocean

Dec 01 12 03:33 pm Link