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.... and where am I just not getting it? Any feedback on my port is seriously appreciated, I can offer critique to you as well but I'm definitely not a pro haha.

I just feel that some of my work screams amateur and I can't put a finger on what it is. If the reason is obvious to you I would love to hear!

Annnnnnd... have a great night smile

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Thomas Van Dyke

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MeganJeanne wrote:
what is fashion photography?

Fashion is social commentary... a narrative of style...

fashion is how you want your persona to be perceived when you get dressed in the morning...  photography has little if anything to do with this...

photography is simply one medium for illustrating the aforementioned...

the most common route is to first master your craft i.e. photography
next get your head around the fashion scene by collaborating with clothing designers, wardrobe stylist, hair stylist, make-up artist and others who are integral to shooting a designer's campaign...

attend fashion shows, runway events... any and everything related to fashion... understand the marketing needs of high end retail, boutique shops, etc. 

eventually you'll get it...

for now you are not going to move forward until your master the art and science of photography... it is painting with light... learn this first, k?

all the best on your journey...

btw, this almost works...  albeit would benefit from a much tighter crop...

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You need to worry more about the photography part, work with a good stylist to handle the fashion end of it.  Its also why some of your images don't feel fashion, there isn't much in the way of fashion in them.

I am not talking about high end designers mind you, just that the wardrobe in general looks like an afterthought.  In fashion you start with the clothes and then find the model.


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