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Oleg Kosach

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Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk, Russia

Nov 27 12 06:38 am Link


Stephanie M Retoucher

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Portland, Maine, US

I like this... especially what you've done to the hair. Looks much better than original.

I will say, personal preference:

I would have removed or at least softened the wrinkle lines in the neck from where it is twisted. I can also still see dark marks from where you took out some of the other lines.

Even out the tones on her back and used a little liquify to make the curve nice and smooth.

Remove what I'm guessing is her hand from next to her arm. It's not necessary and I think it's overall distracting from the entire photo.

Nov 27 12 09:04 am Link


Sofia Zasheva

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Sofia, Sofija grad, Bulgaria

I like what you've done.. if we're taking only the "after" in mind. However, I don't think it was supposed to be such a dramatic image - the make up is too dark and the hair is a bit of an overkill for me.

Dec 16 12 01:40 am Link

Digital Artist

Andreea Cernestean

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Baia Mare, Maramureş, Romania

I like the new hair! That part looks great smile

I don't like the twisty thing around her neck on your edit though, I find it too distracting.

And as a personal preference, I would have straightened her spine a bit with liquify.

Dec 18 12 11:08 am Link



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London, England, United Kingdom

hair is great and the flying ribbon...I think values are a bit dark for me..maybe midtones a bit lighter....I would also remove whatever is sticking out in the chest area....I still like the original tones though they might be a little bit altered...Would like to see revision smile

Dec 19 12 04:57 pm Link


Ashish Arora

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Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Sofia Zasheva wrote:
I don't think it was supposed to be such a dramatic image - the make up is too dark and the hair is a bit of an overkill for me.


The original looks better.

She doesn't look like herself, and obviously the hair is fake. :-)

Next time, try to keep the hairstyling and rather enhance it.

You've burned the skin too much - I am concerned if you are on a good monitor.

Dec 24 12 12:47 am Link


Paul Snyder

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Columbus, Ohio, US

I think what you did to the hair sounds like a good idea in theory, but I don't necessarily think it looks natural enough. 

Also, I would have softened or removed most of the wrinkles on the neck. I'm a bit sad you removed the freckles on her shoulder (I'm a big fan of freckles on models right now). 

I agree with others that the black ribbon is a bit distracting. I would have removed the entirety of it in all honesty (maybe even the part around her neck too).

Dec 25 12 06:41 pm Link


Supermodel Photographer

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Oyster Bay, New York, US

Oleg Kosach wrote:
I would like listen your cririque

I don't have one of those.

Dec 25 12 06:49 pm Link