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Alayssia Leigh

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Brooklyn, New York, US

Hi, I'm a new model, haven't had any photoshoots yet but I'm on my way. Can anyone look through my portfolio and let me know about my posing and face expressions?

Also, what type of lighting and makeup would work best for my dark brown eyes and face?

Thanks in advance!

Nov 27 12 10:24 am Link


Alixx Rose

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Atlanta, Georgia, US

think about the shape you are making in space, and angles to fill up the space around you. In one picture with your arm up by your head, if it was a little more out you would have had a lovely angle and more space taken up than having it cut of definition from your face.

also I'd delete th picture where we can see up your nose, and the other one of you with your friend

good luck!

Dec 01 12 05:58 pm Link


Jay Lee Studios

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San Diego, California, US

Well first off the lack of a port is hard to judge.

Things to think about

What type of modeling do you want to do?
What type of photographers work to you admire?
Is this a career you want to follow or is it a hobby?

After you answer all those then decide if you really want to do this, and if you do hire an awesome photographer in your area and pay his/her rates to get your port off to an amazing start. Skip all the will really slow you down.

Dec 01 12 07:47 pm Link


Fist Full of Ish

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Pasco, Washington, US

You're a lovely model.  You don't need to ask about the lighting.  The makeup: only if you do it yourself.  Have fun!

Dec 02 12 01:06 am Link