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Akara Fang

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Riverside, California, US

Can you use regular liquid foundation?

Thanks for the help! :-)

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Hair Stylist

Stephanie skoczynski

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US

Nooooo will clog it...I have a temptu and ive used airbrush body paint by a different brand but make sure you only put airbrush makeup into the machine..

Nov 27 12 05:24 pm Link

Makeup Artist

Jaime Criel Makeup

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New York, New York, US

Some liquid foundations can be used in airbrush machines but it completely depends on the formulation. You can make most liquid foundations thin enough for airbrush use by using the correct medium. But to be safe, you should purchase foundation specifically made for use in airbrush machines.

Nov 27 12 05:54 pm Link

Body Painter

Lisa Berczel

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Corona, California, US

If you are new to airbrushing, stick with products made for airbrush. There IS a difference between ingredients optimized for airbrush - and diluting an existing foundation to thin it enough to be able to be atomized at the extremely low PSI used for face application.

That being said, there are "regular" liquid foundations that many an Artist loves to thin and airbrush with.

A search through the FAQs will give you lots of reading.

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Makeup Artist


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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

depends on the type of airbrush and compressor you have.  but if you are new, stick with ones made for airbrush.

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Thomas Van Dyke

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Washington, District of Columbia, US

Lisa Berczel wrote:
If you are new to airbrushing, stick with products made for airbrush....

Lisa's wisdom is sterling... the issue is with viscosity, pigment size and vehicle composition...  it is important to match your gun's nozzle and needle size to accommodate this mix...

Water based product is most forgiving and easiest to learn on...
Think TEMPTU Aqua and OCC Skin here...

I've used each of the aforementioned and there is little difference between them... both are a joy to use...  smile

all the best on your journey...

Nov 28 12 06:47 am Link

Makeup Artist

Cynna Stylz MUA

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New York, New York, US

No. You shouldn't use regular foundation with your air brush machine.

I have been looking for airbrush makeup at a super affordable price because I just don't use it often. I have the OCC tiny set in both tones but I would like to try something different.

So I found a company and a voucher discount code for Belletto Makeup.

Belletto Studio Makeup

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The price drops from $24.95 to $8.73 for the airbrush foundation (each). There are over 20 shades.

Belletto Labs™  is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, paraben free, silicone free, oil free, and non-cross contaminated. All of the products are cruelty free.

Hope this helps,


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Makeup Artist

Tara Pagliara MUA

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New York, New York, US

Stick to foundations made for the airbrush.

Dec 13 12 10:20 pm Link