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Sian Ryan MUA

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Wellingborough, England, United Kingdom

I just want to get back to basics and trying to research makeup consultations, not necessarily for brides but for all clients. At college we didnt touch on consultations much, just filled out a really really basic form with nothing on it about the client, just the assessment info and the look and the criteria and if the client was happy.

Im looking to make a form possibly, to make it easier to do my consultation and what not.

What do you ask in your consultations, whats the normal consulting process or any info or tips regarding this would be fabulous!

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rick lesser

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Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US

Some things I ask do you wear contact lenses.  (So many people say no one has ever asked that before) Allergic to anything?  I also go through images to see if my idea of say natural is the same as theirs.  The time it takes them to do their makeup.  Depending on the appointment, I will also have them bring me their makeup and I will go through it with them.   R-

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Simire MUA

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London, England, United Kingdom

I also ask about sensitivities, allergies, contact lenses, types of skin(dry, oily, combo or if they are unsure i ask what happens to their skin immediately after washing).
I ask about reactions to any product or ingredient, medication history, any recent treatments( such as botox, fillers, peels) including chemo(skin can get really dry and sensitive or the client could still suffer with postchemo side effects such as nausea so perfumes or perfumed products is a no no).
Medical history including conditions like psoriasis, rosacea, eczema, is important.
Infection history specifically contagious conditions like herpes, scabies, lice is probably best to find on examination as i am not sure how that can be worded tactfully.
A face chart on the consultation notes to map out the look. Get them to sign the agreed look with agreed products to save disputes if this is a trial run.
A section at the end for signed consent stating that the client has read and agreed with the above and all the sections completed by them is accurate and you are not liable etc etc etc ..........there are loads of sample consent forms online with similar legal wording.
Obviously the front of your consultation sheet should have the client's biodata(name, date of birth, etc etc and if possible a before- picture although that might be 'overkill' and might be more valid for invasive treatment but if there is a dispute involving reactions or markings, then you can show that he or she actually looked like that before you intervened).

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