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Nicolaas Smith

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Hey guys,

Basically, I'm curious to know.....

1)What are the honest chances of me getting picked up by an agency?
2)What sub genre of fashion would I fit into best?
3)And how versatile is my look?

My Portfolio-

Thank you much.


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Paris, Île-de-France, France

I only looked at your profile, not your website. Your look isn't bad from the few images on it, but you're older in terms of getting signed. That said, I was testing today with a guy who had just been signed to a pretty good agency here in NY, and he's 26. You'll have to go and talk to agencies to know your chances.

Spontaneously I'd say perhaps try an agency like RED or similar, they're more tailored.

Note that I'm just talking though - 
if you have a real chance and what subgenre (or how to build your image), an agent will tell you.

You'll have to ask a booker what s/he thinks. But yes, give it a shot.

That's all brutal honesty I have:)

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LittleWhiteRabbit Photo

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Columbus, Ohio, US

I'm not an industry person, just am amateur phototrapher but I was very impressed w/your site and the artistic quality/stylistic consistency among photos.  You kind of have this artistic, alternative but sexy look - you remind me of Josh Holland (or whatever his name is) from Lost.  So like maybe some alternative niche agency.

cc -!untitled/zoom/c199t/imagefos -- this is the shirtless one on the bed and looks a bit awkward for some reason - maybe foreshortening but still not bad.

I usually don't like male models cause a lot of them have that cheeseball beefcake thing going on but your presentation came off as very artsy and classy and intelligent. That's my 2 cents worth. Best of luck smile

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Nicolaas Smith

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Thanks you two. Noted!

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Nadia Ruslanova

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Tampa, Florida, US

I love your look. I think you should give it a shot! If i were an agent, i'd seriously consider you

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255 West

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New York, New York, US

Your photos a are way too weak.
Get the best photographer you can find, even if you pay for her/him.

You need absolutely no more than two or three great shots, tops, for an agency visit.

Nov 30 12 01:00 pm Link