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Momentum Images

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Houston, Texas, US

Hey MM! I'm looking for honest, gut-level feedback on my portfolio.

Which images don't belong?
Which are strongest? Why?
Weakest? What makes them weak?
Too much editing and post-production? Too little?

Based on your profession (model, retoucher, MUA, etc.) what changes could be made in order to attract your attention and cause you to want to work with me?

Thanks in advance!

Nov 29 12 10:13 am Link



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Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Hi, as another photographer I can't answer the second part of your question but for the first part I thought the very first image on the first row was a little confused. The shadows on the face were quite strong and in the absence of catch lights in the eye the face isn't particularly flattering. It also looks a little cold to me (skin tones) and the crop on the arm seems strange (kinda running down the length of the arm).

Your choice of avi is a good one, of all the images that stood out, that one won the day for me. It's whimsical and creative, has a natural feel to it and comes across very well.


Nov 29 12 02:49 pm Link