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Erica Velasco Photog wrote:
Two. I thought you couldn't see posts unless you had an account here. So I didn't think it was a danger since why would my clients have an account here.

As an can not make a post unless you are logged in.  You can view view forum post without logging in or being a member.

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Brian Ziff

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Yes, clone stamp.  Content-aware fill will replace it with clouds or skin or eyeballs or whatever else it dreams up 90% of the time.

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Erica Velasco Photog wrote:
Ok so I have a client who wants the cameltoe taken out of their engagement photos.

There is a law against removing camel toes!!!

Don't do it, because you will make the future generations who will look at the engagement photos very happy!!!

You want to make people happy, don't you?!  smile

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Photoshop will fix up THAT CAMEL Toe!



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Glenn Hall - Fine Art

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Townsville, Queensland, Australia the state you are "very experienced", have asked the world to check out this guy's gonads because you failed to adjust his trousers on location and have had to ask an internet forum for advice on how to use simple editing tools....nothing nice to say, so  will shut me trap big_smile

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Glenn Hall - Fine Art

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NYC fine art nudes wrote:
Have you tried to Liquify that sloppy sack ?


...liquify those nuts and then pucker them up???
Sounds like a bondage shoot.

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Digital Artist


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Mnemosyne Photography wrote:

hahaha awesome

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