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Christina Connor

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Atlanta, Georgia, US

what is good and what needs work? thanks!
Oops put this in the wrong category last time...

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Leo Howard

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Phoenix, Arizona, US

Great look.

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Fist Full of Ish

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Richland, Washington, US

You look really good in the new stuff.  I like some of the Dru Philips stuff.  I really don't like the 2010 pic with the sweat pants, no muscle tone, and your tummy pooched-out.

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Chicago, Illinois, US

Great look, good posing. Maybe try some new facial expressions to bring some different emotions to your work.

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Quay Lude

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Madison, Wisconsin, US

At 5'8" and 110#'s, I was surprised at the thickness of your legs around your knees.

Very pretty girl though.

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Peach Jones

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Champaign, Illinois, US

First impression?

Great legs

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Tempe, Arizona, US

Great Look!  :-)

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DCP Glamour

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Dunwoody, Georgia, US

You have a great look and seem to be comfortable with your poses. You'll do well. smile

Maybe we'll get to work together after I move back to Atlanta.

Best of luck!


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The Face Photography

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Madrid, Madrid, Spain

You are very attractive (remind me of a young Nicole Kidman  )

In my opinion you look better when blonde.

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Kevin Greggain Photography

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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

I like the look, and the work and themes seem decent, but with a monochromatic stoic facial expression in every image, I think to me, that takes away from the images.

Like the diversity in your images, wardrobe and makeup, the face needs to emote differently too.

However, fix that, and you are right up there in my opinion.

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Portland, Oregon, US

First impression:  Damn, she lives on the wrong side of the country.

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

I think as a model you have a strong look, and pose well
[Would love to see sharp in focus eyes]

Wish you great success!

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Gent, East Flanders, Belgium

first 5 seconds inside your port:
Pretty girl, wants to try modeling. Doens't want to invest too much, doesn't want to work too hard, hopes for a magical event that will skyrocket a "big carreer"

7 seconds:
I probably shouldn't post that first impression

45 seconds:
Pretty girl, can work on posing and engaging the audience more
Should invest in a quality book and should try to get an agency

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SKITA Studios

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Boston, Massachusetts, US

More of this:

Less of this:

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Melodye Joy

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Rancho Cucamonga, California, US

Christina Connor wrote:
what is good and what needs work? thanks!
Oops put this in the wrong category last time...

Expressive, impressive and inspirational! YOU as a model are wonderful, your portfolio is quick, friendly & to the point without being self-indulged.

The only criticism I have is that a couple photos seem to have extra space and your lost in the frame...but being a form of art as modeling is, to each their own perception.

Overall, well done! Keep up the great work smile

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Jack Dog Studio

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Greenwich, Connecticut, US

+1 Axioma-- what she said. 
with a few additions --
First impression.   OP wants to try.  Thinks she's trying.  Wants to learn.  She's open to suggestions and learning  -- and needs a good guide in form of model mentor or (paid - good) photographer(s).
There's a lot of work to be done.  There's potential -- and needs to come through and polished.
/ first impression.
Looking forward to watching progress.

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M Pandolfo Photography

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Tampa, Florida, US

First impressions...

*Model has a great look.
*The expressions seem to be trying a bit too hard at the angsty-fashion look, especially when it's the expression in the majority of images.
*I hope that fur is faux.
*What the heck is this doing among her other quality images?

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Braşov, Braşov, Romania

Leo Howard wrote:
Great look.


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Cynthia Serrano

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Irvington, New Jersey, US

APS-Chicago wrote:
Great look, good posing. Maybe try some new facial expressions to bring some different emotions to your work.

+1 more like this emotion wise

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LittleWhiteRabbit Photo

Posts: 134

Columbus, Ohio, US

- Yay, no cheeseball bikini shots
- Nice variety of images/looks
- Photos are all quality/professional

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