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I am new to MM and have been on a photography hiatus for two years due to ALL of my gear getting stolen - possibly the most devastating day of my life.

Anyway, I am now back and hoping to build up my portfolio and equipment again - I have a few new shoots lined up and have uploaded a few photos from my recent trip to the US as well as some older photos (from 2009 etc).

Am keen for some feedback etc as it has been a while.. Just getting back in the swing of things. Currently working with a Canon 5D Mark III and a 600RX flash.

So yeah, any feedback, communication etc would be great.

Glad to be part of such a great community smile

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Shirts with bright white logos are distracting
Vignetting over done
Material of model and bush have minimal detail, could try dodging them
What is the subject, why was the tilt used
If it’s a wedding car show the car and bridal party, or the groomsmen decorating it
Give the eyes some lighting
Think about using a longer focal length
This looks more like a snapshot at a wedding, going to guess you are tall, might want to lower the camera

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