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Makeup Artist

John Edward Thompson

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Columbia, South Carolina, US

I am looking to improve my profile and portfolio, but this questions specifically refers to the text/images that are on my page, not the images in my portfolio as I am working on that now. I am a fan of creative criticism, just be sure that you are polite please. Thank you MMers! smile

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Seattle, Washington, US

Way too wordy, and the pictures aren't the least bit helpful (washed out, and too small to see any real detail)- until you have more impressive work to show, I would suggest removing the images from your profile page.  As is, the images you currently have on your profile would not make me want to look at the rest of your port.

Potential clients aren't going to care about your resume, they care about your ability to actually apply makeup, which should be displayed in your port.  If your pictures suck, it doesn't matter where you went to school, or how much work experience you have, people aren't going to hire you.  I would recommend removing the entire resume portion from your profile, and let your images speak for themselves. Maybe include one sentence that says where you went to school + your years of experience, and just leave it at that.

Try to make the rest of your profile clear and concise, and don't include more info than necessary.  People have a hard time reading more than a couple of sentences these days, so the shorter your profile, the better chance people will actually read it.

Best of luck to you!  smile

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Gypsum, Colorado, US

You made a good first impression on me.  I would work with you based on your profile at least for a TF shoot.  You don't have enough work in your port with professional pictures of your work to convince me to pay you.  But as you said you are working on that.

My suggestion would be to edit your profile and bio to me more succinct.  For example you tell us about your education in two places.
I might also take some things like "avid reader of makeup and skincare..." out.  It is really not relevant to the client.
The 4 images you have together near the top of your profile are too small and compressed for me to really get an idea of what you can do.  I think the compression has caused issues like making them appear over exposed and unprofessional.

Hope this is some kind of help for you.  Good luck with your career.  You seem like someone who is going to do well because of your desire and your professional approach to the business.

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Deirdre Holmes

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San Pedro, California, US

My impression is similar to the two above.
You are new to photoshoots. Your skills may be better than the photos but I can not tell.
Your photos should speak more than your bio.
You can consolidate your bio into the most important bullet points and what your goals are. What type of people you would like to work with and have contact you.
I would work TF with you.

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Makeup Artist

John Edward Thompson

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Columbia, South Carolina, US

I would like to say thank you very much to all 3 of you. I will be taking the wordyness down a few notches. Also going to see if I can get some images from a photographer who doesn't brighten them so much. I have some clients booked and I will be taking some clearer photos of them to improve my portfolio with. Thank you all again for taking the time to give honest feedback. smile


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first impression is beware. Your photographs look awful- not necessarily your make up cant see that as the pics are so blown out.  You seem to have a heavy hand though in the other pics

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Cole Morrison

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Portland, Oregon, US

you need more professional photos so people can actually see your work

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William Kious

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Delphos, Ohio, US

Your portfolio here would not entice me to hire you. The images are, quite simply, terrible. I can't even make a valid evaluation of your work because it's obscured by terrible image quality.

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