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I've been asked to shoot a calendar for a local tool repair company. The general idea is to have the models pose with Tools they sell and repair, in industrial settings. 

The client is unsure of what they would like to do with the finished work, ie; sell them to their customers or give them away ...I guess it depends on the costs of doing the calendar in the first place. 

I have done a bit of research online and from what I see there us a varied cost depending on which site you choose. 

Has anyone done something similar and can offer me some advice on this process ?

Thanks smile

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I've had clients do both, give them away and sell them.

In this instance, my experience would be this was/is a give away to clients.

Are you handling the calendar printing, or ( hopefully ) just the photography?

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Kev Lawson

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What kind of quantity, paper stock, finished size, flat size, coating, single drill? Lots of questions before someone could give an educated answer.

EDIT: Your best bet is to sell them the use of the images, and let them deal with the design and production. There is alot involved for someone who hasn't done this before.

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