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Vanita MUA

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Seattle, Washington, US

I already did a search, but the posting was a little old. I know there are newer mascaras on the market right now. So what's your fav?

Dec 03 12 03:46 pm Link

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Katy G

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Yucaipa, California, US

Maybelline the Falsies

I like how the formula goes on and how the finish looks. smile

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Lela Jesse

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Shasta Lake, California, US

I know I'm not a MUA, but I adore Maybelline Full 'N soft. Its the only formula I've come across that I can wear without causing my eyes getting irritated. Its soft, and adds really nice fullness and length.

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Talia Hudgens

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San Jose, California, US

L'oreal Voluminous mascara glides on easily without the clump and gives me BIG, BOLD, LOOK AT ME lashes. No joke!

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Alivia Autumn

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Seattle, Washington, US

Hypnose Doll Lashes by Lancome.  Super lenghtening with volume and no clumping.  A fairly moist consistency that doesn't flake off, I hate that.

Dec 03 12 10:08 pm Link

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Carmen Make up and Hair

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

on myself, Benefit bad gal lash.
in my kit, maybeline falsies

Dec 03 12 10:49 pm Link

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Summer Johnson

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Lancaster, California, US

YSL shocking for myself, Maybelline Falsies and Loreal Voluminous in my kit

Dec 04 12 01:30 am Link

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Washington, District of Columbia, US

Favorite Mascara? 

For female talent?

Summer Johnson wrote:
...Loreal Voluminous...

+1  Totally agree... excellent product...

For male talent?

benefit babe cake (classic cake eyeliner duo)  this product lasts forever, doesn't go bad since it's a dry cake... aqueous activated... prefer using a small fan brush to apply...

Dec 04 12 05:07 am Link

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House of Westenra

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Louisville, Kentucky, US

I LOVE the CoverGirl LashBlast Mascaras.  In both the Volumizing and Fusion (length AND volume) formula.

I am also loving Maybelline's Full 'n Soft.

Dec 04 12 06:44 am Link

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Eleanor Nutt

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Staines, England, United Kingdom

Benefit, They're Real!

Dec 05 12 07:08 am Link

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Vincent Ford

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London, England, United Kingdom

Voluminous Carbon Black or Fresh Supernova

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Babalon Salome

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Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

Estee Lauder Magnascopic

Dec 05 12 12:58 pm Link

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Has been for years, Max Factor Masterpiece (the gold tube)

Dec 05 12 01:02 pm Link

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Nashville, Tennessee, US

Lancôme Hypnose and Dior Show

Dec 06 12 11:59 am Link

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Makeup by Kerri

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San Francisco, California, US

On myself, Diorshow Black, and in my kit Loreal Voluminous in Carbon Black.

Dec 06 12 03:46 pm Link