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Tegan Lynn

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Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Hey Toronto! I'm trying to track down a studio or indoor space in which to shoot some of my fire dancing. Unfortunately the requirements for working with fire indoors are not easy to fulfill. If anyone knows of a suitable location, or other places I can look, I'd greatly appreciate it.

1) Ventilation. This is the most important requirement. The location needs to be extremely well ventilated. I can minimize smoke by using certain fuels, but even so smoke is unavoidable, and the fuels themselves give off fumes. There should at least be some windows we can open, preferably near the ceiling so as to vent maximum smoke/fumes. Doors we can open to outside are even better. Ideally fans can be set up to circulate air in and out.

2) Smoke alarms. You need to be able to turn yours off, otherwise we're going to be shooting through ear-piercing alarms and depending on the building there's the risk of setting off automated calls to the fire department or sprinkler systems. All of which I'd really like to avoid.

3) Required Space. The minimum space I require to work with all my props is an 8 foot radius all around me. To shoot we'll require that space, PLUS room for equipment and photographer to work in. Ceilings need to be at the absolute minimum 10 feet high, preferably more. The higher the ceilings the more smoke can build up without affecting us.

I am an experienced fire performer and adhere to strict safety procedures. If you have any safety concerns or questions, please let me know so I can put your mind at ease.

So, anyone know where I can find such a space? I'm willing to pay studio rental fees if need be, or if you prefer I can trade my modelling services for whatever concepts you'd like to work on. If you know a location and want to shoot some fire dance too, just PM me. I'm not limiting this project to one photographer.

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Drop me a line with your idea's for the shoot, I have always wanted to do a fire shoot and I have access to a large enough space to safely do it.

I would also be interested in doing a day long workshop with my Photography Group the West Toronto Photography Group

Drop me a line to discuss further


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