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Thanks .......

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Shirley Zhong

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Liked. smile

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Paige Morgan

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Lorayne York wrote:

holy shit.. you've come a long way! i remember when you were first starting and now look.. you're a full blown freelancer!

btw.. LOVE the retro makeup on you.. the lashes and thick top liner.. it's enough to make me a lesbian for a few seconds.
like this:

i think what your portfolio could use.. some natural photos. you have a lot of "i'm a hardass".. i think seeing the softer side would compliment your port and give you another genre of art. so try something with natural makeup.. with softness.

Thank you for noticing the work that has been put in smile

I'll see what I can do regarding softness, as it runs counter to what I get invited to cast for. Perhaps I'll pay someone who excels at the softer styles smile

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April Marie x

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I'd like to know what you think

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E e v a

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Also added you.

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Art Silva

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I don't have a FB so I hope I can still play  smile

Already a fan of your MM port.

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Holly Hoxter

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Game on...

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Andre Giovanni

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Your page has been liked, nice work there btw.

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