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Laura UnBound wrote:

I was very afraid of what was going to happen, my sisters dog totally fails at social interaction. Hes bit just about everyone thats ever come into our house, even people that hes known well for years. Most recently he played ball for hours with my stepfathers nephew while he was doing work on our house, the next day he bit his hand when he came to the door. The dogs a complete idiot.

My sister tried to take him on hiking trails and he wanted to go after all the other hikers. But he never goes after anyone at the vets office. So I had no idea how he would act in a store full of people. I called ahead of time and flat out asked what the policy was if he bit santa ("the policy is we laugh at him" was the response) and made sure that there werent any other animals or little kids in the store when I got there.

Stupid animal LOVED it. He was so excited and wanted to run all over the store and see everything, didnt care about any of the people, tried to get on the bench with santa, didnt wanna sit down for me for a minute. I had to fill out and order form so my friend took his leash for a moment, at which point some random customer came up and just started petting him like it was totally cool, luckily he didnt care or she would have lost a hand.

Completely unpredictable, but thankfully that one worked in my favor.

Lucky! The big dog (he's a 40 pound guy) at our house will eat people. The littlest one (a whopping 8 pounds) would just lick everyone to death.

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Laura UnBound

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I think theyre fixed now

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Omg Laura, that last picture is just plain win. The dog does look ridiculous. It's hilarious and AWESOME.

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omg, i'm totally psyched for what i'm giving my bf...but he IS an MM member and even tho i am 99.9% sure he doesn't go on these forums at all, i'm still too afraid to post what i got him sad  maybe a slight clue...i can identify with something the OP mentioned...

BUT i can share what i'm getting for my fam!

Mom: a diamond-chip necklace.  It normally retails for $119 but the store did this awesome deal where you could pre-order it for $20. I also used my jewelry store discount (one of my jobs is at a jewelry store) to buy her a chain for the pendant, since the one it comes with isn't quite long enough.

Sister: cubic zirconia earrings. again, i got to use my discount tongue  she's allergic to everything except gold, so these have 14k posts.

Brother 1:  the new Tucker Max book, he's enamored with the first one

Brother 2: a christmas dvd from his wishlist

I'm giving myself a huge pat on the back this year big_smile

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Laura, those pictures are AWESOME.

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