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It is so easy, right? You have an idea and you want to raise some money or you want to sell your awesome creations online. So you slap together a Kickstarter project or throw up an Etsy store…and the crickets start chirping.

It is a lot harder than you might think.

It turns out there is a ton of accumulated crowd funding and crowd selling knowledge within the people that attend LA's favorite creative salon and arts networking event. We have been entertaining (and even backing) Kickstarter projects since their site first launched. And we’ve laughed and cried at some of the best and worst Etsy ideas imaginable.

So for December, we’re bringing it all together to help you get your own crowd funding or crowd selling idea off the ground.

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Scott Barrett and Art Currim (recently successfully raised over $140,000 of a $40k goal on his own Kickstarter Project) Zee Hatley (part of a film team that raised over $85k of a $78k goal) and Kevin Flint (also did a successful campaign for Collab and has endured more amateur Kickstarter presentations than any man should have to) will head up a panel of experts in the art of raising funds for your next project.

We will cover How and Why. We will show what will sink your project and what will get it viral. Rewards, updates, videos, outreach and more. And we’ll tell you why IndieGoGo flexible funding campaigns suck. We’ll also take questions from the crowd and give you an opportunity to show us your planned Kickstarter project so we can shred it to pieces (gently of course.)

We will announce our full panel soon. If you’ve been a successful Kickstarter and would like to join our panel, fame, fortune, and glory await! Just let us know your interest and we’ll add you to the expert panel (and also let you know about some future opportunities.) If you are launching soon, bring what you’ve got and we’ll review and help you make it better.

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So you’ve got those great bars of soap you make from…well, its a secret. Or those custom sports car bras you sew. Or JayZ is wearing your jewelry, and you want the rest of the world to as well.

Just toss it on Etsy/Ebay/Craigslist/CafePress and watch the $$$ roll in, right? Not exactly. For every minute spent making, you need to know how to spend an effective minute marketing. This panel discussion will help you figure it out so you can spend more time selling and less time crying yourself to sleep on those awesome custom pillows you sew.

If you have had success with online selling, we’d love to have you join our panel. Just send us a message and let us know.

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Oh yes, and did I mention there will be pizza, booze, and 100 or so awesome people to meet and chat with? In addition to the panel talks we’ll still have all the usual awesome creative networking and assorted awesomeness you’ve come to expect from Collab.


7:30 PM- Midnight

1772 #A N. Main Street
Los Angeles CA 90031
(right next to the Brewery Arts Complex, Big Art Labs, and the San Antonio Winery.)

COLLAB is now free for members of our Facebook group. ($3 otherwise) We will have VERY reasonably priced drinks and $1 pizza slices on hand, so bring a couple of bucks for the bar.

You can join the Collab group here:


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STILL never been to Collab?

Read the review: … salon.html

and watch the film:

TELL YOUR FRIENDS. Collab only grows and flourishes because of all of you. Let your creative friends in on the secret!

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We are at over 80 attendees so it should be a great networking and learning opportunity. And as always, one of the best spots around to get new gigs.

Tomorrow we have a great opportunity for photographers and models to promote themselves for fashion modeling and product shooting, so if you want those sorts of jobs, be sure to stop on by.

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This sounds interesting.

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Is this event in any way related to MM, photography or our community?

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