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**** EDIT *****

If someone wants to close the topic feel free. I removed the link and am currently trying to get new work and fill up my port with fresh images, if you still want to go look at my port feel free tongue.

I do appreciate everyones feedback though on the images I posted previously thank you all; it helped let me know what to focus on smile

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Stephanie M Retoucher

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Can you talk through what your process is for working on images?

Right now what I am seeing in the after is too much red in the skin (particularly her forehead and next to her mouth), and the overall tone seems muddled. I can see some faint marks on her cheek in the after photo that are in the same spot as blemishes in the before, making me think you may have used blur instead of healing/cloning?

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Digital Artist

Andreea Cernestean

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Looks overly saturated and that ruined the skintone. But I can see the improvement in the face/eyes. If you turned down the saturation and separated the tones it would a lot better. I'd also remove the messy hair/tail on the side.

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Sam Cantu

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yeah im seeing too much Red as well. if youre not seeing it maybe use another monitor.  Also, some kind of blemish line over the elbow on the right and i think you stole some of the luminance from the eyes.  i liked them brighter but maybe make them richer as well.

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robert b mitchell

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Definitely the skin is mottled. Skin tone seems flat to me also.  The other photographers are more observant than me.

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Well thanks everyone for the feedback smile I'm glad to hear what I need to work on. Seems like my skin technique needs some refining, I think that image might have come out worse for wear because I applied some color adjustments after I fixed the skin neutral

I'll have to keep myself away from vibrance setting to then I guess, even though I like the nice rich color it gives maybe I'm just being to heavy handed on it, back to the drawing board then tongue lol.

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Megan E Griscom

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Not sure what your steps are but you're not getting a smooth skin. I also dont see much dodge and burn which will improve the image a lot. I would consider liquify to make her eyebrows an even shape and height, as well as to the lip line to even it out. I wouldnt remove the catchlight from her pupils, its just makes them look flat.

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The Invisible Touch

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DigiEffects wrote:
Just trying to get some feedback from some other artists. I try to go for a more "lightly processed" look where everything is tidied up but not to an extreme level, not that there's anything wrong with that. Let me know what you think of this image?

**EDIT** I removed the old link and re-did the retouch heres a new link**

I would suggest starting over again on a completely different image, something a bit more current and more professional. This will motivate your eyes a bit more. You can get thousands of them here on MM.

From there try to learn the most basic techniques, like how to clean skin properly, D&B and of course... colour!!

Good luck.


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