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Cows make great pets.

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Most people bagging on the price are from states that aren't in the desert- the OP is in Arizona, I assume it takes some more resources to grow grass, or ship fresh meat in. At $6/lb you are still looking at a good deal- here in WNY regular old grocery chuck is around $4/lb, ribeye is around $8.99/lb (on sale), and salmon is around $12/lb. I drive by 3 cow farms on the way to work every day, so this region isn't sparse by any means.

  Edit: the local naturally raised black angus farm sells chuck/ground beef for around $5/lb, but those are grass fed then grained before slaughter.

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Apparently, some people on here need to watch some documentaries about the lives of conventional feed-lot cows, prior to their (merciful) slaughters.

People forget that even animals raised for "food" are, at least at one point, living beings that also endure pain and stress.

There is nothing acceptable about feeding an animal food its body is not designed to eat, keeping it confined so tightly it can barely stand, and depriving it of its basic instincts to walk around outdoors.

They are not just products, and resources. They're sentient beings.

It's bad enough to be born just to die. At least let that creature have some dignity, some room to make the most of its limited days.

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