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Dan Donohoo

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Los Angeles, California, US

Hey everyone!

So it's Sunday and wanted to know what did people do this weekend?

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Diana Duong

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Nothing much besides getting irritated by and impatient with some people, couped up in a house with no food, depressed about last night's boxing fight, and thinking of something to look forward to.  It's a zombie world.

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Gloria Budiman

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Los Angeles, California, US

Dan Donohoo wrote:
Hey everyone!

So it's Sunday and wanted to know what did people do this weekend?

Helping my pregnant sister moving to her new home.

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New York, New York, US

Church then went to Ikea with friends for lunch and shopping. Much fun!

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Chicago, Illinois, US

Dinner Friday, downtown Saturday, spent some time with my bf then a family party today. Alright weekend

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Umair Riaz

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

A hell of a lot of things.

Besides repainting a major portion of my house and the usual (weekend brunch with me love, etc. etc.) this was the highlight of my weekend:

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Čaġčarān, Ġawr, Afghanistan

Christmas party Friday night followed by drinking far too much and winning at the Casino, home by 4am Saturday morning. Lunch on Saturday with my sister and her friend then watched Ted and ate Indian in the evening. Sunday I prepped for a shoot, met the photographer at 2pm and shot until 9pm! Then I went to a cute little bar in Bondi at around 11pm and met up with my lover, we left for his place at around 1:30am and he drove me home this morning after we made an awesome breakfast of bacon, banana pancakes at around 11am.

And all I've done today is iron clothes and watch the comedy channel.

Life's good.

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Columbus, Ohio, US

Edit and eat bean soup......a LOT of it.

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Martin, Tennessee, US

Made some prints in the Darkroom from some 4x5 negatives that I shot earlier during the year.

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Houston, Texas, US

Dan Donohoo wrote:
Hey everyone!

So it's Sunday and wanted to know what did people do this weekend?

A shoot on Friday afternoon, then editing a shoot from last month.

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Cait Chan

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

Saw Skyfall, had a couple of beers at a friends house, and did alot of sleeping in and snuggling which is about all I really wanna do on my days off

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Rīga, Rīga, Latvia

I'm probably the only person on earth who exchanged Christmas shopping to sickness big_smile
At least I have one more weekend for shopping left till Christmas smile

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