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Jordan Bunniie

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Seattle, Washington, US

From MM, 130ish.

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Michael Broughton

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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

2012 ain't over yet. i'll get back to you.

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Charger Photography

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San Antonio, Texas, US

Jordan Bunniie wrote:
From MM, 130ish.

Awesome !!!

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Bravo Magic Images

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Temple City, California, US

I must have done about 213 shoots this year it was a slow year since i moved out of my other location where i was very freeway close. For the majority of the time i shot with local Modelymayhem Models helping them to develope their portfolios.

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Michael Cordiez

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Hmm good question....

Looks like the total was 65 shoots, including 7 that were multi-day/multi-session so I don't know what that would add-up to.  I had three shoots that were "meh", no flakes and shot with 26 "new to me" models.  Haven't shot much since the weather and light went to crap in October and will do 1 or 2 more shoots before the end of the year.

In short, it was an excellent year.  Time to start planning next year..... smile

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Mid Coast Glamour

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Imlay City, Michigan, US

I did just over 400 paid photo shoots this year so far. That does not include team sports or events. About 30 TF/Cd shoots.

Most of my advertising was done on Facebook.

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London, England, United Kingdom

Not a lot, let down by a lot of people, not that I am trying to be negative, at least I've known what some are like though

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Over 200 paid client shoots, 40 + workshops and dozens of private lessons. 2012 was a great year.

Toronto is a great place to do business.

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tenrocK photo

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New York, New York, US

I average about 2 shoots a week so close to 100 this year. Real numbers are for book keepers... wait, that's me too!

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Over 180. Often will do multiple model shoots in one day.

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Tempe, Arizona, US


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SH PhotographyAndDesign

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Richmond, Virginia, US

I've done 15 and have 7 pending..I'd have to say all my shoots are memorable. I like to have fun with shoots even if some are for a serious matter.

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James S Kassanoff

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Palmer Heights, Pennsylvania, US

Zero so far.  Seems nobody wants to do testing nowadays.  Sigh.

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Frozen Moments

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Monroe, Michigan, US

Four so far, but there was three months where I was not physically able to shoot. I have a couple of potential shoots that could happen before years end.

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Madison, Wisconsin, US

55 so far in 2012. 2 or 3 more to go.

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Martin Schiff Photo

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Maitland, Florida, US

37 so far with MM models with a few more scheduled.

-- Martin

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M Pandolfo Photography

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Tampa, Florida, US

Commercial - 15. MM - 0.

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Bradley Studios

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Greenville, South Carolina, US

For just the models from MM - 28.

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Garlic Bread

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Sylvania, Ohio, US

i think about maybe 30? for a while it was one to three a weekend and toward the end it sorta tapered off a bit.

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Tiffiney C

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Los Angeles, California, US

So far 110 but I still have some remaining before the end of the year. A few new tear sheets this year and met many new clients smile Great year for me


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Beth Chambers

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London, England, United Kingdom

Just counted and I seem to have done 97 this year! Though there have probably been more that I haven't documented or got any photos from...

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Fleming Design

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Hartford, Connecticut, US

I'd estimate about 300 paid corporate/industrial shoots including about 10 aerial jobs.  MM model shoots = Zero.  I give credit to those photographers who can make working with models profitable, but for me and most others that's not going to happen.

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Saint Louis, Missouri, US


Most were in January, March, May and September. For some reason nobody wants to shoot in late January or February or in the summer.

In September I shot 17 models, five or six of them twice. Never again until I become full-time. Seven more scheduled this month. There are others in the works, and 1-2 of which may materialize before the end of the year.

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Saco, Maine, US

Only 2 photoshoots with a llamas this year.

I make my living painting Maine landscapes, so I was concentrating more on that this year.

While my pastel figure paintings get praise from everyone who sees them, I have not found a suitable gallery to sell them in yet.

So, 2 photshoots = 3 figure paintings, and dozens of drawings = $00.00
Maine landscapes = dozens of paintings = $Pay

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Atelier H

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Boston, Massachusetts, US

41 shoots, which is a lot for me since I do this for fun and not professionally.

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Kyle T Edwards

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St Catharines, Ontario, Canada

10 so far, but I only started in October, so I'm still pretty new at this.  Once I get better, then hopefully, I'll start doing more.

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Matt Ratley

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Telford, England, United Kingdom

For me; i took part in 31 photo shoots in 2012.

10 of those shoots came through Model Mayhem.

My most memorable photo shoot of 2012; one particular shoot April in a water-logged field. We had to use umbrellas... because it'd rained non-stop for almost a week and we were running out time

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Sleepy Weasel

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Castle Rock, Colorado, US


* A traveling trip that lasted 3 days with the same 2 models
* A brief mountain trip where I only ended up with 3 photos
* A trip to an abandoned factory with 2 models
* A brief hotel room shoot during travel


And of the 7 models those shoots included, there is a total of 1 picture being displayed by one of those models. Probably why I don't shoot much. Becauss I suck. lol

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Los Angeles, California, US

This was my first year on here (joined in the spring). I have done 4-5 shots on a TF basis. Not a whole lot but I am selective since I don't get paid- I factor in location (gas money), their portfolio, and what we are doing. If I shot nude, I would have shot a lot more.

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Bunny Bombshell

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

About 30-50 or so but I'll probably do a few more before the year is over. I did several major portfolio projects, like this one that was in the works for quite some time:

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

lol...I thought this said "how many photographers did you do in 2012?" lol

From MM, *photoshoots... maybe 6

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Anthony Thurston

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Gresham, Oregon, US

Not as many as I would have liked, but more than last year so that is a plus smile

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Justin Matthews

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

For me, around 350, including advertising/commercial, model/actor portfolios, maternaty, weddings, boudoir and real estate.....I'm looking forward to 2 weeks off over Christmas :-).

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Lovely Day Media

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Vineland, New Jersey, US

I did 18 with at least 20 different models.  I scheduled a lot more than that but had a lot of flakes.  I missed a couple due to bad weather and didn't reschedule for whatever reason. 

  Now that I know what to do, I'll do more next year.

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Los Angeles, California, US

Off the top of my head:
* 100s of dogs
* 1000s of children
* 100+ events
* president Obama twice and the first/ second ladies and VP Biden
* can't even count how many politicians/ political events
* hurricane Sandy
*100+ business people

MM= 0

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Alexis Montclaire

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Atlanta, Georgia, US


I usually only shoot on weekends, and am only a hobbyist (at this point) so its generally for trade/fun. Still pretty decent I suppose.

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GER Photography

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Imperial, California, US

7, that's what I get for living in the desert!!;-((

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Antioch, California, US

19 shoots with models, including a couple short video clips.

This is just a hobby, so I dont want to get too busy, I target about 2 a month, I fell a little short this year.

Most memorable? a g/g shoot where we were all overcome by fit of the giggles--took 20 minutes to recover enough to shoot again.......dont remember now what set us off smile

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Bothell, Washington, US

Paolo Diavolo wrote:
Hello Everyone,

Just curious who would like to share their 2012 in photoshoots?
How many shoots did you participate in?

Any particularily memorable ones?

This is really my first year of 'being' a photographer and actually shooting sessions regularly, and I only started in March. But I have done 36 full shoots (and a few mini-shoots). I still have 3 more booked in December and might squeeze another in to make 40.

My target next year is 60-80 shoots (primarily weekends).

Since this was my newbie year, 2012 included ...

My first shoot
My first topless shoot
My first full nude shoot
First shoot where I paid a model
First shoot where a client paid me (only 3 of those so far rest are TFCD)
Did first location shoot (not very successful)
Did a shoot for someone who turned out to be an Escort/Provider - so now my images are on her website (kinda cool actually)

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Cosplay Creatives

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