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Ruby Vermell

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

(I'm not sure if this is in the right topic.  /n00b)

I was looking to get a hair/make-up artist for a friend's birthday mid-2013, to do her hair and make-up so she can feel glam for her for the day.  There will be photos of the event but nothing professional, but we can pass them on to you to include in your port if you want. 

We are of course looking to pay for this, but we were just wondering roughly how much something like this would cost.  You'd only have to do one girl's hair/make-up.  Her aesthetic is mid-century, pin-up/burlesque, so we were thinking 40s victory rolls.  We'd want you for a half-day/whole day, but not for the evening.

Thanks a lot!  xx

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