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i absolutely love this picture! but im curious to see what others think as far as it being good enough for my port?

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M Pandolfo Photography

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I love it. The only criticism I have is that I would like to see the midriff area worked on where your nails are creating an indentation. That's a bit distracting to me.

And nitpicking...I'd like to see a bit more dodging of the black fabrics to create more separation from the background.

But otherwise, well done.

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well... its not my cup of tea.  All your pics are high on concept and low on you- meaning no pics of you with out some highly stylized background.  Try to add some natural light photos of yourself with out a bunch of gimmicks- would be refreshing

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Peach Jones

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It depends on what you want you port to be and what you want it to say about you. If you want to concentrate on high fashion that is in the mainstream, then the photo is not for your port. If you want to have an artistic flair to your port and show others that you can be versatile outside the "normal" realm, then this work should be kept.

P.S.--I like it

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