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ShivaKitty wrote:
I find the feeling of shaving/hair removal to be incredibly unpleasant. My skin will burn and itch afterward, regardless of the type of razor or cream I use, and nothing soothes it until the hair grows back in.

It genuinely baffles me when people say they shave "for comfort." I do not find a single thing comfortable about the process of hair removal.

That is so funny. It's quite literally the exact opposite for me. I think a happy vagina is the best vagina.

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You have to wait at least 30 days between sessions but preferably 45 days. You will be done in about 8-12 months and never have to worry about shaving getting waxed or ingrown hair ever again.

I also have had my arm pits done as well.

Alicia Hansen Photo wrote:

How often did you have to have them?

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Michael Broughton

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Hugh Alison wrote:
Some people prefer American bread - soft, smooth, white, kinda bland.

Some people prefer French bread - crusty, full of flavour and texture, occasionally you get a bit stuck between your teeth.

thanks for ruining french bread for me. tongue

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Raquel Rayne

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My hair is too thick to shave or even wax regularly. And it grows so fast and so thick that I have had to shave/wax at least every week. Makes no sense. And it hurts and it's very irritating to my skin.

Would I rather have hair or nasty red bumpy skin? No brainer for me.

If my next boyfriend would agree to shave his dick on the same schedule I would have to shave my cooch, then I'll consider it. But none of this one-sided fetishist bullshit anymore tongue

As I've gone through my 20s, I've come to the realization that I (personally) like the way my body looks better with pubic hair. Some women just look nicer totally shaven, I do not think I am one of them.

Of course, when I have a boyfriend I trim down, but I don't think I will ever completely shave for a shoot, or a man, again.

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Barely StL

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MainePaintah wrote:
I had replied to a similar post about this, but I think it deserves repeating here.

As an artist, I was shocked a few years back when all my models from a local college started showing up completely shaved!

I got used to it very quickly and as an artist I found it very normal in art going back for hundreds of years.

Look at almost all sculpture of the female form (Augusta St. Gauden's "Diana" comes to mind) and all paintings depicting the female nude body. There is NEVER (actually I should not say never, but right now I can't think of any paintings with a full bush) any hair down below, because it would create a Dark Bulls Eye where you would not want the viewer to look!

I now find a completely shave vagina normal and artisric.


That's my preference. I'm not dogmatic about it. It's the woman's choice, and it has never been a deal breaker.

I do realize that shaved or waxed looks the most natural with fair skin. I also realize that for those without not so fair skin there are... other considerations.

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Doug Christopher

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I may be the only guy to comment on this but... I get brazilian waxed every 4 weeks, totally smooth.  The results are way better than attempting to shave with a razor.  Just my personal preference.

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Clean shaven here... and that's exactly how I like it. smile

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Anna Adrielle wrote:
acttualy, the reason for that is mostly because pubic hair made the image sexual and intimitate instead of smooth, idealized art. the first classic art painting that actually showed pubic hair was in the late 18th centure (the nude Maja) and was actually considered pornographic at the time.

as for sculptures, that is mostly because imagine having to sculpt pubic hair... little bit more common in sculptures depicting males, but even there it's usually a very idealized easy-to-sculpt little bush.

Ran across the same issue more recently, a show would not allow photos of me with pubic hair showing. After a shave, a new shoot, was allowed
on the wall". Remain shaved today; have also used waxing, I have no real preference. Waxing lasts longer but jas to be allowed to grow in longer for the next wax.

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Nature's dental floss...

But really, your boyfriend's requests should be considered.  He is, after all, the one going down there and if he's a good guy you want him turned on more than off.

I agree with him - For modelling and photography I don't care how a girl shows up, I don't ask for one thing over another, but if we're bangin' my preference is a little hair where it counts. (And I do deserve a say, then!)

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Carlos Occidental

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OP is gone.

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Less is more, more or less.... Quality versus quantity....
A bare land..versus a jungle.... To each it's own...
A little bit of every thing would be my preference...

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Olivier Borgognon

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Myself, fully waxed (hurts, i guess i can say yes). Does it matter? no as i feel better afterwards once it's all off and it takes a while the 1st time, afterwards it's like 30mn-45mn for full torso + privates every 4-6 weeks

In real life, i prefer a woman fully waxed or very neatly trimed/landing strip.

For photos the same, i like the aesthetic of the trimmed/shaved parts for images.

All in all, it's your call. and you could very well have it waxed somestage, groomed, trimmed, a strip, full bush depending on the season or whatever. When asked for this type of shoot, just specify if it needs to be specified, and the photographer will tell you what he needs (nothing quite different to acting, when people change hair colour or take/loose weight, tan etc.) Then for you to decide if you want to adapt to the shoot (as in waxing/landing strip... harder to add hair when it's gone) or not.

As per BF, hmm... if someone is a PITA when you're deciding for yourself and your intimate parts, for work purposes and for yourself... I feel he's stepping into a decision he's not part of.

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Stanley L Moore

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Has anyone tried this No No device that gets advertised all over the TV?

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