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I know it's not strictly a retouching problem but please HELP!

My Mac pro running OSX 10.7 has started acting as if the apple key is held down! Menus and cursers are all wrong or not working at all. Rebooting cures it for a few hours but sometimes only a few minutes, I've tried swapping keyboards ( twice ) and using diffrent usb sockets without any joy so I'm starting to think it's a system problem. One suggestion I read was to reset the pram but even that won't work. Holding down the command / option / P / R combo at start up doesn't do anything.


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But been there and done that!

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Joann Empson

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Assuming this is purely a software issue, and not an issue with your keyboard, you might want to consider replacing OS X with an operating system that doesn't cause such mysterious issues and doesn't restrict its users so much.

openSUSE, for instance, provides step-by-step documentation on how to perform the GNU/Linux installation on a Mac.

You may know SUSE from watching Jeopardy!. SUSE was the operating system running Watson -- IBM's Jeopardy!-playing supercomputer.

Be cautious about putting your trust in Mac OS X. When issues like this happen with a proprietary operating system like OS X, you're left at the mercy of the software proprietor (in this case, Apple).

On an operating system that respects the users' freedoms, if worse comes to worst, you can hire a programmer to examine the code to figure out what's wrong and fix it for you. Or, you can even learn to program and then fix it yourself if you really wanted to.

With OS X, even if you knew how to program you wouldn't be allowed to fix it, because the source code for OS X is withheld from the user.

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Peter Claver

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Try booting in safe mode and see if the problem persists.

I also find it useful to have a bootable clean install of the OS handy for diagnosing such things. I have one on a USB stick. If you have your OS installer handy just partition and format a sufficiently large USB stick (I use a 16gb one I think) and you can boot from there. If you still have the problem then it's almost certainly a hardware problem.

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