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I am now offering a wide variety of deals and discounts on photo retouching and restoration throughout the Holidays! How might one be able to get in on these amazing deals, you ask? It's simple. Just send me a message.

Here's how it works. Send me a message, letting me know that you would like to "claim" one of my holiday deals by writing the name of one of the Holiday Deals in the Subject area. In the message, please tell me what you would like done to the image(s), and if you have chosen SANTA'S WORKSHOP, the combination of retouch levels you would like. I will give you my email so you can send me the files. So you can compare pricing and calculate savings, I have listed regular rates at the bottom. Holiday Deals are listed below:

- gets you one free Image Retouch, courtesy of SL-Retouching
*available on basic retouch level only

- gets you two Image Retouches for the price of one. Good for any level.
*at regular rates
*excludes Digital Photo Manipulation

- get Basic Level Retouch for only $2!

- gets you 3 Advanced Level Retouches for $20!

- all Digital Photo Manipulations $10.00

- all Photo Collages are $10

- get 50% any Bulk Deal. See Bulk Deal section for regular pricing.

- get $5 off all Photo Retouches and Digital Manipulations.
*excludes Basic Level Retouch

- build your own Image Retouch package. Get any level Retouch on 4 images for only $25.* May mix and match retouches (ie 2 Basic, 1 Advanced, and 1 Pro)
* excludes Digital Photo Manipulation


Basic Photo Retouching
Starts at $5.00/photo.
– tone and contrast improvement
– image sharpening
– removal of basic blemishes
– teeth whitening
– eye and lip enhancement
– stray hair removal, etc.

Advanced Photo Retouching
Starts at $10.00/photo.
– retouching of clothes
– skin softening
– eye and hair color changes
– digital makeup (small application)
– small object removal
– scar and tattoo removal, etc.

Pro Photo Retouching
Starts at $15.00/photo.
– body shape adjustment
– virtual weight loss
– extreme eye and hair color changes
– digital makeup (large application)
– large object removal
– breast and butt enhancement, etc.

Digital Photo Manipulation
Starts at $20.00/photo.
– addition of artificial backgrounds and props
– extreme body alterations
– dramatic lighting
– special effects, etc.

Photo Restoration and Reconstruction.
I also do photo restoration on old, dirty, and damaged photos. Rates depend on
how much restoration is required, and can be determined upon inquiry.

Photos Collages or Series
Range from $12.00 - $15.00 depending on how much retouching is required on each photo.

Bulk Deals (Normal Rates)
Available on Retouch Levels Advanced and above.
– 4 photos for $30
– 5 photos for $40
– 6 photos for $45
– 7 photos for $55
– 8 photos for $60
– 9 photos for $70
– 10 photos for $80
– 11 photos for $88
– 12 photos for $95

I accept payment through PayPal. Half of payment is expected at start of project. Second half of payment is expected once watermarked samples are approved. Watermarks will be removed and images resent once payment is confirmed. If you feel that I should make an exception for you on this method of payment, please explain why in your message.

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