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Kelly Ann Carter

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Hollywood, Florida, US

I added several new images and I was wondering everyone's opinion on them.

Dec 21 12 04:17 pm Link


GNapp Studios

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Somerville, New Jersey, US

I like your look but not your wardrobe....lots of potential though.

Dec 21 12 04:29 pm Link


Images by MR

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

These add zero value to your portfolio..... I'd think someone claiming to be a experienced model would know this.

Just my thoughts ~ MR

Dec 21 12 04:32 pm Link



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Minneapolis, Minnesota, US
I bet if you hit some one like that you would break your thumbs
Would really like to see the missing foot

Dec 21 12 04:47 pm Link


Fist Full of Ish

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Pasco, Washington, US

You are lovely and are going to do just fine here.  You need to have your pics retouched as a minimum, but it is better to shoot with someone who can retouch.

Dec 22 12 12:26 am Link