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I've refreshed many of the images in my portfolio and looking for feedback on image selection as well as on individual photographs.

Thanks in advance.

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Jean Renard Photography

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Your collection/portfolio is pretty solid and I would think is the first phase of several.  You need to raise the bar on overall concept.

The headshots are ok but like most of your stuff a lot of it is static.  Model posing in a larger context, not really capturing the model and the context is not adding to the fashion, so it yields a nice photo but one that tells no story.

That might work for the internet, but not in the real world of advertising or editorial.

Working with a fashion stylist is important in contexts like the ones you are using.

My 2cents would be for you to tell more of a story in the shots and make fine tuning decision about all the details before you embark on your next shoot. 
ask the following:
Why that model?
why there?
why those clothes? 
Even understanding one of those items will tell you what the other two items must be, rather than making the best of a situation which never yields anything finished no matter how good any one element is.

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