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Jennie B

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Signal Mountain, Tennessee, US

Hello!  I was wondering if anyone with pin-up experience could give me some constructive critique/criticism on my pin-up photos.  They're my first ones, professionally.  I've always considered myself a "pin-up" my whole life, always having a fascination with the 1940s, retro, rockabilly, cheesecake, pin-up era.  I would love to pursue this passion even further and for it to become a regular hobby.  Aside from any critiquing on the lights or photography or any technical skills (because I know NOTHING about any of that yet because I haven't learned enough about it yet), could you critique just me, please?  This was my first shoot so I was a little shy.  I understand the pin-up has very exaggerated movements and facial expressions.  I tried my best.  But for next time, what could I do to improve even more?  I appreciate the good, the bad, and the ugly!  Thank you!!  smile

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