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Paolo Diavolo

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Martinez, California, US

why you trying to get naked everytime you see someone with a camera?

A nice older gentleman shooting landscapes goes for a walk in the woods, and wants to photograph some trees when BAM! some girls strips off her clothes and runs into the frame.

Same things happens too often in all sorts of places;
Abandoned buildings being documented before demolition;
Naked girl runs in the frame.

Commercial Photographer taking pictures for a hotel chain. Sets up in the hotel room, and as soon as he points the camera at the bed; a girl magically appears in lingerie.

Its such a nuisance, its getting to a point where you can't even photograph train tracks.

Someone blog about it.
That will solve the issue.


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Modesto, California, US

Yes this also happens to me constantly. Not to mention people parading their nude pets around town. All this epidemic nudity must stop.

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Lawrence Guy

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San Diego Country Estates, California, US

I once tried to photograph the waves at a nude beach.

Hopeless situation.

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