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Christine J Summers

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Miami, Florida, US

Hello All,
   I just finished putting together this portfolio and would like to get serious criticism on how I can improve it. What needs to be added? What needs to be removed? What needs to be redone? What repeating problems do you see with my expressions, poses, or images?

Please don't worry about being gentle. Trial by fire time.

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Winston Image

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San Jose, California, US


Here is what I'd do if I were to freely edit your port:

Step 1. Remove similar duplicated photos
Step 2. Pick a fewer set of photos in which:
a) You look most beautiful
b) Your posing capability is best shown


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Eric Molinar Photo

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Murrieta, California, US

Currently you many different types of shoots, which is good. But, I don't see too many variations in your makeup or hair style with the exception of one or two pictures you have with different hair color.  Maybe teaming up with a MUA to show off some different looks. 

Good Luck!

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DVP Photography

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Broomfield, Colorado, US

I think your port shows an good mix of differing genres, looks and styles.  Well done! 

My only complaint is you don't have an erotic photo in your port yet.  Oh well, can't have everything.

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, US
Way too much neck wrinkle
Negative pose with toes
Photos with borders or artsy edges should not be part of a professional models portfolio
Of your photos like this one best
Still has some issues wrinkled backdrop, missing your right hand, would love to see a great expression
Also an ok photo
Need pink shoes and a rope in your right hand
With out the fist this would be a better photo, but you have a great expression in this image
If I can not see your eyes photo is not selling you
Your left arm is to straight, locked at elbow, missing left hand as well
Expression is a bit on the too extreme side of things

Happy New Year

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DCP Glamour

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Dunwoody, Georgia, US

You have a lot of nice work, but your port could use some serious trimming.

This is hands-down your best photo:

This is your best nude:

I'd delete these two. They're not clear and they really don't show you off as a model:

Personally, I'm not a fan of the pink cowgirl hat. To me it's cheesy.

As has already been pointed out, you have too many photos with the same hair/makeup/expression. Pick out the FEW best ones and delete the rest. Find a photographer who will direct you better. (For example, in almost every shot you're looking directly at the camera. Try to shoot some poses where it's like the camera doesn't exist, like it's a more candid glimpse at a day in your life.)

Keep working, and best of luck!

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