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Unveiled Beauty

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Brooklyn, New York, US

Hey fellow mmrs, I'm new here and I would like some opinions on my profile and my pictures. Thanks

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noel marrero

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Menlo Park, California, US

Unveiled Beauty wrote:
Hey fellow mmrs, I'm new here and I would like some opinions on my profile and my pictures. Thanks

A bit cruel to be kind.  I think you could use with some rather drastic changes to your port/profile.   First, your portfolio doesn't say "Experienced" to me.  In fact you say in your profile:
  "I'm looking to gain experience along with building my portfolio.
I love being in front of the camera and I'm always open to direction from the photographer. "  But together with the images, I would be turned off as a photographer by someone that "over selling" themselves.  This has nothing to do with how you look, but the quality of the images.

But back to the port, the images are not very strong.  Of the whole port this is my favorite:

I like how it shows your definition, and the fact that you are facing away shows some mystery.  However, the big shoe prints on the floor really ruin this image for me.  It's amateurish to leave that large of a flaw in the image and I would request that the photographer provide some minimal post work to clean it up.

The next few:
I appreciate that this is trying for a mystery look, however the sodium yellow is unattractive IMO.  Even worse, this image along with the rest of the set, show you very poorly by showing either your beauty nor your expression or pose.

This brighter image with softer lighting is much better for you.
While your legs are fabulous here, we can hardly see an expression, and the pose with that top doesn't work.
Here your tan lines are working against you.  Again the image quality is very poor with no detail in the hair, and just a very fuzzy and out of focus look.

Over all, your portfolio isn't really showing your ability to pose.  It does not show a range of expression, or an ability to project emotion.  I think your portfolio could do much better with stronger photographers that could showcase you better.

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Jay Lee Studios

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San Diego, California, US

I have to agree with Noel, your port looks "brand new" to the industry to me. I hate to say it but your best picture is the one where you are turned away from the camera, yet the footprints show me both you and the photographer do not know what a "finished" image is. Again that says inexperienced.

The photos under the yellow street lights, get rid of them they are useless.

The photos on the beach have bad lighting and poses. Get rid of them.

Also you may want to to work with an MUA, it looks like most of your photos you have no make up on.

If you REALLY want to model, I would suggest paying a high end photographer to help you build your port as well as a ward robe stylist and a MUA. Right now your port does not show that you are experienced as well.

Think about why you want to model, is it for fun or is to make money. If it is to make money you have a lot of work a head of you. If your just doing this for fun then who cares take pix and enjoy yourself.

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Body Painter

BodyPainter Rich

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Sacramento, California, US

I would have to agree with the others. I realize you are new, but your photos really reinforce that notion, which will never help you.

I have seen models though, who have managed to turn that around.

You need a good photographer to work with you and get you a few really clean images.

This usually involves either trade or pay.

If it is trade, you will spend MUCH more time doing numerous shoots and HOPING that the images will be worth while (many won't). If you are willing to take off your clothes there is a greater chance of getting trade shoots, but if you go this route make SURE that you get some good clean head shots and clothed shots you can use from the photographer BEFORE you take off your clothes (if you can).

A better bet would be to save up and find someone on MM who has work you Really admire. Find out their rates, and don't be afraid to ask for a break or a partial trade if the amount is too high. The worst they can do is say no. And if you are going to pony up for a good photographer you should also get hair/makeup help so that you can actually USE the shots you get. A wardrobe stylist will also help greatly.... if not spend as much time and money as you can putting together a variety of clothes, shoes, and accessories that the photographer can choose from.

best of luck to you.

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Vile Knights

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Waterbury, Connecticut, US

I have to agree with rich.. there are many good photographers in the tri state that will tf with you, but if you are looking for great do your research and expect to pay. From your port I can tell something is there but would have to work with you to know.

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