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Abi Hill wrote:
I think the key thing people forget is that one man does not make a team. QBs are pretty important but it means jack all if the rest of the team aren't pulling their weight.

I'd like to see Tebow given a chance with a team prepared to take a gamble and build a team that may take a season or two to mesh, but when it does...

Sorry, but I'm going to disagree with this to a good degree and say two words, followed by an explanation.

Peyton.Manning.  When he was gone for the last year (last season) from the Colts, they sucked.  Dallas Clark, Pierre Garcon, Austin Colley, etc, are all terrific players.  Like...seriously terrific.  The team was an excellent one.  But when Peyton was gone?  They were shit.  Now that he's gone to Denver, I see that same leadership moving them into a real and cohesive team.  Leaders do that.

A good team is held by a good leader.  One person can make ALL the difference.  If they don't have a good leader, they can't be a real team, because they don't want to be.

That's a bit philosophical of me, but whatevs.

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John Sweet

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Let There Be Light wrote:
That's not something you'd want to put on your resume. Tebow was 28th in the league last year in passer rating, completed just 46.5% of his passes, threw for 12 TDs and had 12 turnovers, and was last in the league in passing yards per game, worse than Curtis Painter, John Skelton, Matt Cassel and Colt McCoy.

OMG, Tebow is so bad. Did anybody actually watch him play? There were games he won where he completed only two passes! TWO.

Tebow won the games he won thanks to an amazing defense that was holding teams under 15 points most weeks, and a strong running game (that he was a part of.)

He did have two games that he won as a passer. The game against MN and the playoff game against Pitt. In each case he was able to hit WIDE open receivers downfield. Arguably, the threat of him running helped make those receivers open.

But, I've never seen him show any kind of accuracy or consistency with short and mid range throws. He does not make good decisions. He does not show any skill at reading a defense.

I do like the guy. This is not about hate. It is just that he can't play, and I'm tired of his fanboys claiming he is the Messiah.

He is not an NFL QB. He is, at best, a decent running back.

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John Sweet wrote:
He is not an NFL QB. He is, at best, a decent running back.

He's not even that. He's possibly a fullback, maybe a goal line back, but he doesn't have the speed or quickness to line up as a halfback / tailback on a regular basis and be successful. His rushing effectiveness has to do with the fact that he's fast and quick for a QB so defenses have to worry about the run as well as the pass (well, as much as defenses need to worry about the pass with Tebow).

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Let There Be Light

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Not sure whyhe hans't been mentioned yet but Drew Brees has thrown for more than 5000 yards in back to back seasons, the first time in NFL history that's been done.  In the last two seasons Brees has thrown for more than 10,600 yards and 89 TDs.  Tebow's numbers for the same period: 1768 yards and 12 TDs.

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